Monday, June 11, 2012

Planet Eclipse Etek 4 Review

Planet Eclipse ETEK 4
A new marker, on a proven platform, that’s right the ETEK 4 is coming, and it’s sticking its barrel around the corner. The Planet Eclipse ETEK 4 has just been released in two models AM and LT. The LT is the base model for the ETEK 4 and is the lighter of the two variations (and the taller, but buy a hair) and is made from both Aluminum and glass reinforced nylon fiber, it retails for about 500 USD. The AM or All Metal ETEK 4 is made just with aluminum and is slightly heavier and will be more expensive 600 USD. The pricing for the ETEK 4 AM remains the same as the ETEK 3 AM but the LT 4 had a 4.95 USD price jump from the LT 3. To match your stylish team colors the ETEK 4 will come in Blue – Black, Red – Black, HDE (High Definition Eclipse Camo) Earth – Black, HDE Forest – Black, and of course Black

 The Frame
The body on the ETEK 4 is a one piece design that features new milling.  The body now has a male FRM incorporated into the body  (Front Regulator Mount) just like the Ego11 or the Geo2 to accept the SL3 regulator. The AM (and parts of the LT) are made from T6-6061 grade Aluminum, we just say it’s light and sturdy. On the LT, the feedtube, eye covers and OOPS knob are all glass reinforced nylon fiber which is highly durable, and produces a strong platform for a fraction of the cost. We just say it’s lighter and cheaper. The grips on the ETEK4 will be soft, and the same as a Geo or Ego if you’ve ever held those. Otherwise the 4 is a simpler, slightly altered version of the 3 with a different ASA and Reg
ETEK 3 Verses ETEK 4
Why buy an ETEK4 when the ETEK3 has dropped in price? That and ‘what is the meaning of life?’ are the two most debated questions in history. If you already own an ETEK3 then it is not very likely you are going to pick up a 4. In all cases ETEK3 owners with likely shell out $100+ and upgrade their old ETEK3′s. But, if you have been looking to get a good Planet Eclipse marker as an upgrade from your current platform or need a backup, the ETEK4 is the same price the ETEK3 was at, with a host of new features.
The ETEK3 has a similar body, but the ETEK4 has been made more streamlined and sleeker. The ETEK 4 also uses the SL3 regulator just like the Etha, CSL, Ego11, and Geo2.1 with a FRM (Front Regulator Mount) that is part of the one piece body. It has a pre-installed OOPS ASA, Cure Bolt, and Zick2 kit. The ETEK4 also uses the angled regulator swivel seen on Egos. The ETEK4 has all the upgrades you want for the ETEK3, factory installed, right out of the box. Yes if you own a 3 you probably don’t need the 4, but everyone that has been looking at an ETEK, just got a tournament level option that is cutting edge and incorporates all of Planet Eclipses newest innovations.
ETEK 4 Trigger
_____The trigger of course is fully adjustable. So players can tweak the triggers until they find their goldylocks zone. Planet Eclipse made the trigger self lubricating and gave it a magnetic return for an ultra smooth, positive trigger feel. The magnetic return strength is even adjustable. Otherwise the trigger is a standard reverse curve that clips into its trigger holder in the frame.
Deftek Feed
_____Using the Deftek Feed system, Planet Eclipse rolls the balls into your chamber rather than drops them. Using an offset feed (a term that could describe distracted eating styles, but we’ve all missed our mouths eating cereal) the ETEK 4 will roll the next ball into the breech to prevent any bouncing as the bolt resets or the hopper force feeds. Fear not, for the feed is offset by only a small amount, and is barely noticeable.
After the ball travels through the Deftek, the BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System) system checks it. The BBSS excels at preventing chops and when activated only lets the ETEK 4 fire if a ball has entered the breach. If anything goes wrong, the system has a subroutine that is designed to clear the obstruction from the marker at a significantly reduced speed.
Cure Bolt and Rammer
_____Like a true copy cat (at half the cost) the ETEK 4 grabs the Cure Bolt from the Ego and can take the Cure3+ and Cure4 upgrade bolts. All the bolts seamlessly fit into the body and cut of the rear section. The Cure (not the band) is designed to shoot the most poppable tournament paint without breakage. The bolt keeps from clipping the paintballs in the feed and causing breaks in your breech. Planet Eclipse has made the Zick2 Rammer kit stock on the ETEK4, the Zick2 uses a unique rammer cap to the ETEK4.
ETEK 4 Regulator
_____The ETEK4 uses the same regulator as paintball markers twice its price. The SL3 comes straight off the Ego11, CSL and the Geo2.1, and can be used with any tank. This incredible regulator can swap between a low pressure, high pressure and even a mid pressure tank without any change in output or any need or modification (external or internal). The main seal is replaceable and reversible and features a self purging system that will depressurize the firing chamber when the tank is removed. The SL3 can also be used as an adjustable LPR, and prevents accidental over pressure occurring in the solenoid or rammer.
_____Using the same ASA as the Planet Eclipse Etha, the ETEK 4 features the OOPS ASA. The OOPS is a low profile on/off purge valve with a front mounted hose exit. This easy on/off twists to open and is mount to the Planet Eclipse ETEK 4‘s T slot rail design. The ETEK 4 can also use the POPS ASA. Seen on the Geo2.1 and Ego11, this paintball gun also uses an angled inline regulator swivel. The swivel will pivot and move to accommodate your tube while reducing the wear and cutting down on the overall profile of the marker.

ETEK 4 Shaft4 Barrel
_____Autococker threaded, the ETEK 4 uses the Shaft4 barrel with a .693″ diameter (that’s the rear bore). The barrel is pretty much the exact same as the Geo and Ego Shaft 4, with smoother contours on the 2 piece design. If you have or grab the Shaft4 Boost Kits, you can mix and match. The finish is also the same as the Geo and Ego’s, and the rear piece has a longer control bore (more of it is honed to .693″) that makes the gun more efficient and consistent.
Board and Electronics
_____If this thing was any more advanced, it would have a touch screen display and keep you from messing with those debounce settings. Planet Eclipse is using the SMC solenoid and mounting it directly to the gun body, it is directly adjacent to the Rammer (scroll up for info or ‘flick’ if you’re one of those tech savvy people). Eclipse also thought to put a filter in the minifold that connects with the regulator and keeps debris from entering the marker. Armed with the knowledge that Paintballers like shiny and glowing things (just take a look at any Speedball marker), PE put in 3 tru color LEDs that are used to simplify the programming process. The board is programmable for Dwell, Eyes-Off ROF, Ball-in-Place, Debounce, Capped ROF, and Firing modes. The 3 LEDs will indicate the value each setting is on with the top led indicating 10s, the middle 1s, and the last one 0.1s. And of course, being a mid level tournament / pro marker the ETEK4 can be set to all known tourney regulations (Scientists are still discovering new ones).

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